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account size amount of time that can be dedicated to trading level of trading experience personality risk tolerance. In general, there is an inverse relationship between trading time frame and the amount of time you have to devote to the markets. For example, position traders may be able to spend a couple of hours each week evaluating and managing trades. Scalp trading, on the other hand, is a full-time job and these traders spend every minute of every trading session actively managing trades. Start trading. But if its clear, that you cant compete with that product, then you should choose another product and do market research again. 5. After all is ready and buyer want to buy, the you need to sign detailed contract with buyer and wait payment, after you received then you need to produce or provide the product, pack it accordingly and send to buyer. Preveious was very short description of all needed steps you need to take, they dont incluce everything and they are not enought detailed. If you are importing exporting big volume and very expensive goods, then before you order, you really need to go to supplier, buyer country and check his background and be sure, they are reliable and able to produce the goods for you or they are able to buy. 1. Register at fbs.com. During this step, you will open a trade account and receive your trading password. You will also get a personal area, where you will be able to deposit money that you will need for trading. 2. Download trading software. 3. Discover the basics of Forex. 4. Open your first trade. 5. Find out more about Metatrader. At this point, we recommend you explore the trading terminal in greater detail and study all its important features. 6. Learn how to analyze the market. 7. Start controlling your risks. Learn how to limit your risk exposure and increase your profit potential from the very beginning. Here we gathered the most interesting of common myths about trading on Forex. Instant opening. Deposit with your local payment systems.